Go wild!! ūüėČ

Here I bring to you the wild outfit that came into my mind as the theme was wild carnival so I thought of using fire and flames in the outfit and make it look wild. I made the skirt with three colors i.e. red,orange and yellow in the form of frills which overlap and gives the look of flames. The top is plain and simple, a red crop top. As a prop I made four rings ¬†using copper wire and joined them and then to make the flames on it I used red,orange paper and golden paper and pasted on the rings… It really looks something wild which can be used in a carnival as an outfit..¬†


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Accessorized gown means something on which you don’t have to add on accessories to. The dress has to be self accessorised and it shouldn’t be over accessorized too otherwise it looks gaudy… So this design is an original one amd I have accessorized it with bangles and pearls and given a slit and given a head gear and used golden artificial leaves for the top so that no neckpieces has to be worn ÔŅľ. It looks decent and classy and it doesn’t looks gaudy...



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Indian Fusion!!


Indian fusion means combining various Indian traditional outfits and creating a new outfit. This outfit has a maharaja shall which has golden border and the print on it was painted by me. The top of the outfit has a Gujarati traditional outfit look and the Dhoti with golden border. Indian fusion should not be compared to Indo Рwestern outfit, as both are really different. For an Indian fusion outfit, one can combine various traditional Indian outfits. 

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Going Hippie..


Hippie, the word itself says it all,dressing up unconventionally. This outfit was designed by me and it’s an Indian hippie outfit which has alot of colors in it and it has a copper junk necklace. I have kept it simple yet hippie. To dress up in a western hippie outfit your outfit should be something where you have frills or tassels and a scarf or a bandana and something which others generally don’t wear which makes you look out of the box.¬†

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“Amaze your loved one’s with Forest Essentials “


Are you looking out for something to gift? Confused with what to buy to surprise someone?

Well, I would say Forest Essentials gift box is an answer to that.

The wide variety of gift boxes they offer with different products and the best part natural products that connects you to the nature.


Also, not just the variations in products, you can always select the products you want to add to the gift box and customize it according to your choice and the price range as well. Although a little costly on one side, but on the other when you gift such a luxury to someone they are going to have a grin on their face and that is something which will make you happy as well.

So, why to just get puzzled with gifting options, when you don’t have an idea what to gift, order it online or visit the Forest Essentials showroom and get the luxurious gift set for your loved ones.

“Fight the Frizz with Amazon Keratin”

Hey guys how have you been? Hoping that you all are having a great time in the rainy season.

Are you looking for something to fight the frizz in your hair in this season, as frizzy hair makes it difficult to brush them and also causes breakage. Here, I have a great range of products from Amazon Keratin.

1. Amazon Keratin Hydrate Shampoo

The Amazon Keratin Passion Fruit Hydrate Shampoo  is a sulphate free shampoo and is a perfect solution to those who are looking for a chemical free shampoo and are facing problem dealing with their damaged and frizzy hair.


If you have gone through a keratin treatment and want to maintain the keratin in your hair, this is one of the best shampoo to do so. It comes in different sizes and it cleans and nurtures you hair, polishes the hair fibers which leaves your hair fibers soft, smooth and shiny.

If you wish to try the Amazon Keratin Passion Fruit Hydrate Shampoo, you can visit the link below or visit a professional salon where you can find one.



2. Amazon Keratin Hydrate Conditioner

Well, post the shampoo we have to go for a conditioner to let the hair be hydrated and smooth enough. This amazing product will help you prolong the effect of your keratin treatment.



This condtioner helps to detangle,nuture and condition the hair really well. It even protects your hair from UV radiation and other environmental factors that affect your hair health and cause damage and make them dull and frizzy.

The Amazon Keratin Passion Fruit Hydrate Conditioner makes the best combo from the Maintenance line of their products.

If you wish to try this amazing product and fight the frizz and have a healthy hair you can add it to your cart from the link below or visit a professional salon where they use this product.


3. Amazon Keratin Argan Oil Serum

Argan oil is considered to be the best product in the beauty industry for hair and skin as well as it contains fatty acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants and other natural products which help to moisturize and protect your hair making them soft, silky and shiny all day.

Keratin serum


It can be used daily as it helps to style your hair the way you like and helps to reduce breakage due to frizzy hair. It is really good for dry skin, and it also promotes healthy levels of sebum production and the best thing is it doesn’t clog pores and is really beneficial for your scalp to have a healthy environment for your hair.

This adds on the this maintenance line of Amazon keratin Shampoo and Conditioner.




Well, I have been personally using these products and have found them to be really good to my hair as I have wavy and frizzy hair, so I would recommend it to all those who have wavy, curly or frizzy and damaged hair.

So, why to wait go ahead shop your heart out to fight the frizzy hair and have a nice time with a healthy hair styling them the way you wish to.


Vintage be the Modern you!

Most of us talk about the trending styles and apparels, and follow what the others are dressing up themselves with. Well, fashion and style is something not to be mistaken with so as to make it a perfect look for yourself.

The modern or one can say trending fashion is more of wearing ripped, faded/washed, junk, funky and what not. Yes, definitely we can’t rule out these, but why not make it classy and add on some vintage style quotient as well.

I get to you something which is vintage yet modern, as fashion is all about colors, the cuts, the mix and match and the perfect fit.

1. The first look¬† goes with a bow tie from ZARA paired up with suspenders and a blue bow tie(must haves) and a blue trouser from ZARA as well. Pairing it up all together makes it vintage yet classy and give it a modern touch as well. One can wear this for partying¬† clubbing or even a friend’s wedding without the suspenders.


2. For the second look, I have used the big round frame glasses from H&M and a dark maroon bow tie with detailing of black on it and the white shirt and blue trousers same as the first one. The glasses add an extra class and make a fashion statement on their own. Never fear to try out new and different.


3. The last one to conclude with the vintage-modern look. Here again I have used the combination of blue and white to make it classy with the golden tie added on to it to give it the glam look for a party and the nerdy frames too which make it classy again. 


So, it’s about how you take a look at your clothing and how you pair it up rather than following up with what others do.

“Create your own style, and let that be your fashion quotient. “

Why is sleep essential?

After studying various articles and doing alot of research and actually seeing it happening in my life I am sharing some points as to why does one need a sound sleep everyday. Specially for the students who generally don’t get to sleep properly at night

1. Your body gets deprived of nourishment

Sleep is like a food for your body, brain and skin as well. When you are sleeping your body works on removing the dead blood cells and dead brain cells and also helps in the removal of toxins and so naturally after a sound sleep you are able to think clearly and feel fresh.

2. Your skin gets imbalanced 

If you don’t have a sound sleep at night, you will face breakouts, dehydrated complexion and redness as it affects the moisture levels and hence it is always adviced to follow a skin care regime and keep yourself hydrated.

3. You can develop dark circles and under eye bags 

To avoid the eye bags ,use sleep mask and one can even use soaked green tea bags and keep it under the eyes for a few minutes to reduce the puffiness. 

4. Your devices keep you engaged till late and make you look tired nw t day. 

Yes, one has to agree that Instagram  Pinterest and other social media platforms definitely keep you engaged and you get exposed to the blue light spectrum just like the sunlight and hence it affects your melatonin levels, so it is always recommended to not to use your devices late night and be awake  

5. Sleep deprivation can lead to even serious health issues like heart failure, heart diseases, stroke, diblabetes and other such serious health problems  

6. Improper sleep can also cause frequent mood swings, memory issues, lack of concentration and also lead to weight gain. 

Some suggestions as to how to have a sound sleep for 7-8 hours in a day-

1. Avoid big meals before sleeping. 

2. Make sure you have a cool  comfortable, dark and silent room to sleep. 

3. Have a bedtime routine and try to go to bed the same time everyday. 

4. Try to exercise or indulge into physical activities atleast 2-3hours before you go to bed. 

5. Try to avoid drinking coffee or drinks containing caffeine. 

6. Go for a soft bed spread and bed sheet so as to feel comfortable while sleeping. 

So, why to wait and waste your time and let sleep deprivation affect your body. Sleep atleSt for 7-8 hours a day so as to lead a healthy lifestyle



Summers are here,let’s beat the heat…

Summer’s IN…

Kick start your summers with some really great skincare products from KAMA AYURVEDA. Fight the tan, the breakouts, the annoying pimples and the heat boils this summer. If you love yourself then go with the natural products sold by KAMA AYURVEDA. Why always women have all the fun for their skin, men let us also take a step forward and try out these amazing products.

  1. KAMA AYURVEDA Himalayan Almond deep cleansing face scrub(for men)                   himalayan-almond-face-scrub_2This product by KAMA AYURVEDA exfoliates the skin deeply and hence promotes new cell growth. It has finely ground sweet almonds  which is rich in Vitamin D&E which nourishes the skin and makes it smoother.         

          It is blended with saffron which helps to brighten the skin, reduce pigmentation and hence gives a healthier and clearer looking skin. 

2. KAMA AYURVEDA Hydrating Ayurvedic face cream (for men)

hydrating-face-cream-for-menThe hydrating ayurvedic face cream for men, is another product that helps you prevent acne, prevent fine lines, and helps you moisturise the skin in summers. 

This cream is enriched with pure coconut milk and sesame oil and added on with aloe vera (for an all time healthy skin) and blended with cedar wood known for it’s calming and purifying qualities. One can use it as a daily moisturiser.




Organic aloe vera juice by Kama Ayurveda is one stop solution for a healthier and glowing skin,which can be used daily. It is rich in Vitamin A,C, F, B and amino acids. 

Aloe Vera has anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and cooling properties which help in uniform growth of cells and reduce melanin secretion which prevents acne, sunburn, rashes, blemishes, freckles and black heads. It also helps in closing the pores and forms a protective layer which helps to retain moisture and hydrates the skin.

Not only the skin,one can use it to cure their dandruff as well and once you start using it you are definitely going to love the results.

4. NATURAL SUN Protection SPF-21


This sun protection cream is one of the best sun screen I have used till now, as it doesn’t cause any greasiness and is enriched with essential oils of Nutmeg, Lime and Ginger.

It comes with SPF-21 , PA++ and blocks UV A and UV B sun rays with all natural ingredients and thus preventing the damage caused by the sun in summers.




So, guys it’s time for you to prevent your skin from the damage caused by sun in summers, so head out to the KAMA AYURVEDA stores or order online and protect yourself from the UV rays and remember to keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy and nutrient rich food to see the difference.

Finding it difficult to fight with the oily skin… I have a solution!

Oily skin is medically known as seborrhea and is caused by excess oil produced within the pores which leads to development of acne and other skin problems due to bacterial growth.

So, Avene has come up with really great products like the Avene Cleanance gel face wash to fight with oily and blemish prone skin.


The second product I would mention about is the Cleanance mask, which is supposed to be applied once or twice a week for a oil and blemish free skin. It also helps to reduce the black and white heads over a period of time.

images (3)

Another producr by Avene is the Cleanance Mat which is a mild moisturizer for sensitive oily and blemish prone skin.

images (2)

So, guys don’t wait, just head to a health and glow showroom and grab your skin care products to fight with the oily skin and get rid of the problems.


Denim vs Linen

Denim wear is a never ending fashion and here in this blog post I have compared denim and linen. 

I have paired up a Denim jacket from Zara which is very slightly ripped with a ripped denim jeans from Jack and Jones. I’ve used a white printed t-shirt, you can always go for a plain light color t-shirt with this look. To add on to the look I’ve used¬† white casual¬† shoes from Zara. Denim is definitely never going out of the markey, so you can always have denim wear in your wardrobe.¬†CYMERA_20180101_173540

Talking about the secong look, I’ve used a linen jacket cum shirt with a ripped and cropped ankle length denim with black boots from woodland.¬†

I found this beige color linen  jacket cum shirt in Jack and Jones showroom. The best part about these linen jackets is you can use it as a shirt too and you can wear it in summers as well as winters whereas wearing denim jackets in summers is not comfortable. So if you want to wear jackets in summets, head out for shopping and buy a linen jacket. 


“Monochromatizing “

Monochrome means anything in same hue. Monochrome is used as a concept in paintings, drawings and photographs and yes one can definitely dress up in monochrome outfit.

Monochrome fashion is something where a person wears a formal or a casual outfit of the same color and can have some print on it if it’s somewhat funky.

Monochrome dressing cannot be followed for a very official meeting or any office wear but one can definitely go for it when it’s about partying or any shoot.

In this picture, you can see a back monochrome outfit paired up with a dark blue bow tie, a brown belt and a brown loafer.

One can even go for white monochrome, dark blue monochrome or even grey would look great and pair up with some matching accessories. Monochrome suits are also a great combo for any fashion event or a party or any function.

So guys go out for shopping and monochromatize yourself with some good colors and style yourselves with some accessories and add a monochrome purity to your wardrobe.

Well now revealing the brands, the black shirt is from ‘Code’, ¬†shoes are from ‘METRO’ and the black chino pants are from ‘UCB’.

Hope you guys liked the idea of dressing up in a monochrome outfit.

” Have a great weekend!!! “


Ethnic wear nowadays is reaching heights with the drapes, with all the combinations and colors trending.
You can even mix up your western clothing with an ethnic one and make it look really great.

It’s not all about how shimmery or grand it can be,it can be simple with bold colors and it’s not always necessary to make it look very grand as well.

One can even accessorize it by wearing an accessory around your neck or wearing a maharaja style shawl. ÔŅľ

An ethnic outfit can even be a combination of a Dhoti with border and a shirt and if it’s for a marriage function then turban can also be added to it or a Dhoti with kurta and different styles of Dhoti draping can be done as well to give your ethnic outfit a different look.¬†

One can even simply wear a fitting pant and shirt and just have a good maharaja shawl and just rap it around your neck or just hold it in a proper maharaja style and make it a modern ethnic wear. 

In this post I have used a piece of black artificial silk material of around 3.5-4 meters and bought a golden border and got it stitched and I have used it as a dhoti, a maharaja shawl and it can be even draped in different styles as per the event or function. 

So, plan out for your ethnic outfits fir the upcoming functions,events and make it trendy and modern and get going….¬†

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